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Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked.
Elena: That was your call, not mine.
Damon: I was being a gentleman.


    Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked.

    Elena: That was your call, not mine.

    Damon: I was being a gentleman.

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    All Too Well Live in Berlin (good sound quality).

    Download here (right click and “save as”).

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    Lots of people ask about All Too Well intro/speeches and while I don’t have time to post them all, I really like this one, and you and hear the emotion in Taylor’s voice, so I thought I should post it. Live in Berlin :)

    "A lot of the time, when I’m lucky enough to get you meet you guys before or after my shows, a lot of the time I get asked one question more than most of the other questions.  And that question is related to songwriting and is there a certain place where I go to write songs, or is there a certain time I write songs the most. The answer to that question is that I could get an idea for a song at any point in the day, at any time no matter where I am, there could be some idea that hits me and all of the sudden I have to go and grab my guitar or sit at the piano and write it. But if I’m writing a song in the middle of the night like if I wake up and I have an idea to write a song, chances are it’s because I’m trying to forget somebody, and chances are it’s because maybe I miss somebody that I shouldn’t miss, because they’re bad for me, and I know that I can’t pick up the phone and call them, so I write a song instead. The term trying to forget someone is so awful because you‘ll never forget someone if you’re trying to forget them. This was a song that I wrote when I was trying to forget someone but really all it did was remind me that I remembered it all too well.”


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    And now, I have to sing a very sad song with a stuffed animal cat on the piano
    — Taylor before All Too Well, London 2/11 (via welovesweeran)
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    For me I get asked one question more than other questions. This is the most frequently asked question when I am just out in public people ask me “What do you write songs about? How do you know what to write a song about? “ .And I…I think for me the answer to that is that when I write songs is like if I had the opportunity to put a message in a bottle and throw it out into the ocean and the idea that the person that I feel that way about and the person I was writing the letter to might someday get it, or they might not. That’s kind of where I start with. What are you feeling that you’re too scared to tell someone, but you wish they knew? Whether it’s good like ‘I secretly think you’re wonderful’ or ‘I think about you everyday’ or ‘I secretly miss you but I can’t ‘cuz you’re bad for me’ or ‘what you did really hurt me and broke my heart and I’m still not ok about it.’ Writing a song is like saying whatever you wanted to say to that person in that moment to the person that you think that about and you feel that way about and then just being able to push pause and never see the way that they respond. So that’s what I think are the best songs. This song is one of those that I wrote in the middle of the night because I was too afraid to write it in an email or say it on a phone call. It’s about how as much as I tried to forget everything about this person, I just, the more I try to forget it I just remembered it all too well.
    — Taylor Swift- Intro to All Too Well 02/02/14 (x)
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    I absolutely adore Lupita Nyongo’o, who I always look forward to seeing on the red carpet, did not disappoint at this years Oscars, wearing a gorgeous Prada gown. March 2, 2014.